Esplar Leather Sneaker

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The Esplar Leather Sneaker from Veja is from bovine leather from farms in Uruguay. It is tanned in Brazil without using any hazardous or prohibited chemicals. VEJA uses conventional dyes that comply with regulations. Special attention is paid to water usage during the tanning process.

Upper: Leather

Panels: Leather and ChromeFree Leather

Logo V: ChromeFree leather

Insole: Amazonian rubber (11%), Biobased E.V.A. (42% Sugar cane), Recylcled E.V.A. (11%), Organic Cotton (12%) and others (14%)

Outsole: Amazonian rubber (40%), Silca mineral (23%), Recycled rubber (10%), Synthetic rubber (11%), and others (16%)

Welt: Synthetic rubber (40%), Silica mineral (22%), and others (38%)

Lining: Tech (100% Recylcled polyester)

Laces: Organic cotton (100%)

Item No. EO0203512 6023465807