Reboot Your Closet With These Fall/Winter Shoe Styles

The time has finally come to wear those chunky sweaters and slip into your fall footwear. Fall and winter fashion season is a perennial favorite for many — from the rich jewel tones to the comfy-cozy aesthetic to the covetable fall shoe styles; there's just something magical about the season. And this is the time when all the stunning looks from fashion week make their grand debut online and in stores. So, we're sharing some of the top fall and winter shoe styles of the season, along with some of our personal must-haves. You'll be ditching those flip-flops faster than you can say "Hocus Pocus"!

This season, clothing is taking somewhat of a backseat to footwear. Gone are the days of born-to-blend-in shoes. Footwear that pops and makes an impact is the name of the fashion game this fall. From vibrant pumps to snakeskin booties, reboot your closet this season with footwear that will get you excited to leave the house and show them off. The following are some of the hottest fall shoe trends and winter shoe styles this season, as well as some of our top designer shoes that you can shop right now.

Metallic Footwear

Light-catching metallics bring an ultra-cool element to whatever you're wearing. Whether you're rockin' boots, heels, sneakers or flats, there's just something unexpectedly chic about metallic footwear. And this season, it's all about juxtaposition and unexpected pairings. So, feel free to explore different shapes and silhouettes.

Our favorite picks for this fall/winter shoe style provide a little variety in your wardrobe by giving you something shiny for both day and night. We adore the play of textures and finishes that both of these shoes utilize. When styling the Sam Edelman boot, we suggest a cropped, straight-leg jean and an oversized sweater or, for an edgier look, a graphic T-shirt and bomber jacket. If heels are more your thing, keep it simple with an LBD and a flattering jacket.

Vibrant Heels

Typically, fall is all about the dark and muted hues. So, this season, it's refreshing to see pops of color bursting out to shake up the typically predictable fall shoe trends. From vibrant magentas to bold emeralds, these pumps are all about infusing a little fun and joy into your daily wardrobe.

When styling these colorful kicks, either keep it muted or go all-out with the color. For a work-appropriate look, pair your vibrant heels with some black slacks and a blouse with a subtle pattern. Taking these bad boys on the town? Wear a black dress or a skirt in a different, but equally bright shade with a neutral lace top. Just avoid trying to match the shade of your shoes with your outfit; it most certainly won't match and will only call attention to that fact.

Snake-Printed Shoes

Animal prints were all over the runways this year. From leopard prints to snake patterns, it was a veritable jungle. You'll be seeing these prints, especially those of the reptilian variety, in all shapes and sizes of footwear this season. Snake print is a fun and whimsical way to add a touch of interest to an otherwise traditional outfit.

Our favorite reptilian-printed shoes are perfect for a day at the office or a night on the town and have the innate ability to elevate any look. When styling these showstoppers, keep the rest of your outfit simple. You don't want to have clashing prints or a busy top that takes away from your shoes. We suggest black jeans with a white or grey T-shirt and a killer blazer or jacket.

Square-Toe Silhouettes

Defined toes are having a moment. No, really, hear us out. This season, you can expect to see more square-toed designs with an overly dramatic shape. Think retro pumps and Rockabilly boots with that "American Bandstand," dance-till-your-toes-go-numb aesthetic. An added bonus? The style allows for a little extra wiggle room for your feet (always a plus in our book!)

We are in LOVE with our two square-toe picks, each bringing its own unique personality to the table. Plus, each pair brings with it that subtle, cool-girl flair that we all need in our lives. When styling these shoes, keep the fit loose to avoid looking too severe. We are big fans of pairing square-toe shoes with oversized boyfriend jeans and a cozy turtleneck or cardigan. It's a great way to soften the sharp lines of these shoes.

Simplistic Straps

From classic Mary Janes to simplistic flats, the peek-a-boo shoe trend with dainty straps that was so popular this past summer is continuing its reign as one of the trendiest fall and winter shoe styles of 2019. There's something decidedly retro about these shoes, with elements that hearken back to various decades in fashion. From bombshell and vampy to coy and feminine, there's a style for every fashion taste.

Since the dainty straps are the star of these shoes, you don't want to cover them up. Go for cropped trousers or an A-line skirt and a romantic blouse. With this type of shoe, we're all for playing up the vintage vibe with subtle detailing and classic fashion references.

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