Guide to Denim Trends for Fall/Winter 2019: 5 Styles to Slip Into This Season

Wondering if it's time to update your fall and winter denim wardrobe? This season, denim trends are about subtle tweaks to classic styles that will make you excited to slip into jeans again. Keep reading our fall/winter denim style guide to find your new favorite jeans that will make you feel your best, most confident self this fall.

While jeans are easy to throw on and go, they can also be difficult pieces to shop for. It can be hard to find a good pair of jeans with the right fit, proportions and style to make you look and feel your best. And once you do find the right pair, it can be scary to stray very far from them.

This season, we're sharing what jeans are in style and how, with a few slight tweaks to your classic designer denim, you'll feel comfortable enough to try out a new jeans style or two. Read on for our guide to denim trends for fall and winter 2019.

Black Jeans

Black is back. For a chic, work-appropriate jean that can easily transition from day to night, look no further than black denim. This wardrobe staple has been popular for decades now, and for good reason. The ultra-slimming pant goes with nearly any top and can be dressed up or down, making it one of the most versatile pieces in your closet. Updated black denim trends include frayed detailing and a flared skinny fit.

Our favorite black jeans for the season feature subtle details that elevate the pants without dating them. When styling these jeans, we suggest opting for an ultra-femme blouse with a bold pattern or a tailored blazer with a graphic tee. Either of these options flatters your silhouette while also helping you look polished and put together.

Straight Jeans

Give your ankles some breathing room this year with a pair of straight jeans. While still fitted in all the right spots, these jeans have an effortless air to them that makes them easy to slip on and go. This flattering pant has proven to be timeless as it's stuck around through numerous decades and fads.

At Tootsies, we're loving this denim trend and found it difficult to pick just two of our favorite straight jeans. Our picks feature the best the trend has to offer. With stove-pipe silhouettes that create a roomy and relaxed fit, you'll never want to take these bad boys off. As these jeans aren't as fitted as others, you'll want to pair them with a structured top to make you look long and lean. Or, for a super fashionable look, play with proportions and opt for an oversized sweater or a cropped top.

Skinny Jeans

Everyone loves the slimming power of a skinny pant. This season, they're getting a facelift. With ragged details, stonewashed effects and a baggy fit around the ankles, you could say the 80s are back and better than ever. And with shows like Stranger Things, GLOW and American Horror Story 1984 at the top of most people's watchlists, it's not difficult to see why fashion from the era of hair bands and power suits is back with a vengeance.

Our top skinny jeans for the season feature flattering fits, distressed detailing and frayed hems. These jeans are a fun and carefree alternative for any day out. Because of the fitted design, feel free to have fun on top. Whether you tuck in a turtleneck or tie up an oversized blouse, these jeans have the ability to instantly elevate any ensemble.

Rigid Jeans

And the 80s just keep on kickin'. As we said, 80s nostalgia is huge right now, and this goes right along with the denim trends this season. Non-stretch or rigid jeans bring a cool, vintage attitude to any outfit. And while you may be more accustomed to stretchy jeans, rigid denim can actually be more flattering, only getting better over time. The material has more structure and thus creates a more slimming silhouette.

We're loving fresh takes on rigid denim this year. Unexpected silhouettes and raw, distressed edges are just a few of the on-trend detailing in our picks for the season. A tucked-in top creates the most flattering lines when wearing these roomy jeans. Look for fitted turtlenecks, knits and blouses, and throw on a pair of heeled boots or pumps for a bit of height.

Trouser Flare Jeans

Flared jeans are back, and honestly, we couldn't be happier. If you're a wide-leg jean kinda girl, you're gonna love the flared trouser jean. With long lines and clean pleating, these jeans are ideal for both daytime and nighttime. Plus, they look killer with a tucked-in blouse and statement belt.

Our top picks for the season feature an ultra-flattering fit and roominess in the knee, creating a more subtle flare than styles of the past. Due to the silhouette of these pants, you'll want a top that falls right at the waistline of the jeans. Look for cropped sweaters, flowy blouses and thin knit tops that show off your curves.

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