Spring/Summer 2020 Color Trends

As fall is at its peak and those blustery days of winter are just a snowball's throw away, we begin to think of (and long for) what spring and summer have in store. Each season, Pantone releases its official forecast for the hottest color trends of the upcoming seasons. Keep reading as we explore the 12 spring/summer 2020 color trends that have been all over the runways.

Consider this your designer clothing guide to the hottest spring/summer 2020 color trends. Aside from the standard neutrals of khaki, navy, white and grey, the slate of trending colors harkens back to a sense of the familiar. The spring color trends are friendly and relatable, conveying an overall sense of ease. Each color seamlessly blends nostalgia and modernity while allowing room for self-expression.

“The color palette for Spring/Summer 2020 infuses heritage and tradition with a colorful, youthful update…”

- Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute

Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, recently explained the feeling and aesthetic behind the spring/summer 2020 color trend forecast. “Combining our desire for stability, creativity and more spontaneous design approaches, the color palette for Spring/Summer 2020 infuses heritage and tradition with a colorful, youthful update that creates strong multi-colored combinations as well as energizing and optimistic pairings.”

Flame Scarlet

Bold, warm and inherently energetic, the first big spring/summer shade encapsulates the essence of the season's trending colors perfectly. The bright, statement-making flame scarlet has an air of both modernity and determination. And yet, there's a level of comfort and familiarity with this color that takes us back to our childhood. Expect to see this stunner on sharp suits and tailored gowns.


Rich and pungent golden saffron adds a bit of flavor and brilliance to the lineup of 2020 spring color trends and summer hues. Named after the spice, this orangey-yellow shade is pulsating with optimism and is the perfect punch of color for any outfit. A tad more golden than mustard, you’ll be seeing this shade in chic head-to-toe looks as well as in small doses as a brilliant pop of color.

Classic Blue

This classic blue is all about juxtaposition. It elegantly merges elements that are reminiscent of the past with the modernity and optimism of the future. This shade of blue elicits the vastness of the evening sky and the deepness of the ocean. The most versatile of all the summer and spring color trends, look out for designer jackets, stylish skirts and more in this semi-dark blue.

Biscay Green

A refreshing and unexpected shade for the world of fashion, Biscay green(aptly named after the stunning province of Spain) brings to mind cleansing waters, cool tones and a sense of total rebirth. One of the more dominant colors in spring/summer 2020 collections, you'll see this minty green hue on light trenches, body-con numbers and airy chiffon gowns. For an ultra-saccharine springtime look, pair the color with any shade of pink.


Expect to see a lot of this savory herbal green in 2020 clothing trends. Military green has been a popular color for decades, but this new take on the shade infuses a sense of restorative harmony and luxury to any look. Chive works as an unexpected neutral hue when paired with more vibrant shades like saffron or orange peel. This sleek and polished color can be found on more utilitarian looks, trenches, leathers and lightweight designer knitwear.

Faded Denim

Ah, faded denim, that relatable, dependable blue that emotes a sense of comfort and ease. This approachable color isn't just resigned to your jeans anymore. The cool and calming color looks ultra-chic when paired with more bold and vibrant shades like corals, oranges and reds. From light knits and buttery leather jackets to draped maxi dresses and tailored designer shorts, faded denim is sure to be your go-to hue this spring.

Orange Peel

When summer rolls around, the tangy, organic orange peel hue is a perennial favorite. It's vibrant, refreshing and full of life — just what we're looking for after those long, dreary days of winter. We're loving this color with cooler blues and turquoises for a chic, modern twist on a classic shade. Look for orange peel blouses, bomber jackets and slacks among the 2020 clothing trends.

Mosaic Blue

Mosaic blue stands out this season due to its air of mystery, grace and depth. With teal undertones and a subtle nod to that vintage allure, this color stands out among the rest for 2020. A versatile shade, mosaic blue looks new and modern when used monochromatically or paired with corals, oranges or golden yellows. Look for tailored suiting, maxi dresses and trendy rompers to make a splash in this fresh hue come spring.


Evoking a sense of happiness and cheerful joy, the pale sunlight yellow is a callback to one's childhood. A nostalgic and vintage shade, this pastel hue is perfect for springtime. Designers have been playing with the juxtaposition of this pastoral color, creating soft-yellow pantsuits and prairie-style dresses paired with edgier accessories. Look for new takes on this classic color with modern silhouettes and unexpected detailing.

Coral Pink

A slight twist on millennial pink, coral pink has an added touch of warmth and delicacy. This pastel color combines the femininity of pink with soothing and chic undertones that make it fashionable for both day and night. Be on the lookout for coral pink textured fabrics, as well as gowns, cocktail dresses and silk or crushed velvet blouses.

Cinnamon Stick

Rich, earthy and eternally warm, cinnamon stick is a sweet yet spicy color that grounds the spring/summer 2020 color trends with a much-needed dose of naturalistic beauty. Teetering on the edge of color and neutral, this shade is the epitome of versatile and looks stunning on its own or paired with a primary color. Cinnamon stick will be big with suiting, designer handbags and footwear this upcoming season. And don't be surprised if you see a few dresses in the shade as well!

Grape Compote

Violet Beauregarde has nothing on this mysterious and mellow shade of purple! The plummy hue of grape compote is a rich and luxurious color. Revered by the royals for centuries, this stunning shade is perfect for anything from a daytime blouse to a party dress. Once again, look for grape compote in unexpected textures and fabrics. From handbags and pants to gowns and knits, this color will be everywhere next year.

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